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Which Lubricant do I use?

Hocut Honing Cut-Max

Hocut 795B
A premium long life high performance semi-synthetic machining coolant for Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Hocut 787B
A heavy-duty bio resistant machining and grinding fluid
for use with all metals
Hocut 795MP-B
A high performance semi-synthetic coolant. Latest technology machining and grinding coolant for all metals
Hocut 807
A low odour, bio stable, soluble, EP cutting fluid designed to give extended emulsion life

Hocut 400K

A versatile coolant that can be used in many applications on a wide variety of metals

Cindol 305D
A low cost water soluble machining coolant formulated for machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Houghto-Grind ®
Houghto-Grind 60
A water soluble synthetic grinding fluid formulated to give maximum rust protection, no foam, no petroleum oil and using surface active compounds to keep the wheel clean
Houghto-Grind 4253B
A Cobalt inhibited water soluble grinding fluid for grinding inserts. Reduces health hazard potentials and generation of toxic waste
Houghto-Grind 03A
A low viscosity colourless and odourless straight grinding oil designed for use in grinding machines with ultrafine filtration systems

Honing Oil MM
A low viscosity, dark coloured liquid to assure long stone life, fast stock removal and superior finish
Staput Series ®
Slideway lubricants for machine tools designed to eliminate or reduce “stick-slip” problems resulting in improved finish of work pieces





Rust Veto ®
Rust Veto 4214

Water displacing rust preventative that leaves a thin transparent oily film – Light duty
Rust Veto 377DGHF
Water displacing rust preventative that leaves a dark gold film that adheres to the metals surface and won’t wipe off with handling – medium duty
Rust Veto 342A
A fluid type rust preventative that leaves an amber, translucent, plastic type film – heavy duty

Cut-Max 226S
Fortified with sulphur and chlorinated extreme pressure agents, blended into highly refined petroleum oil to give excellent surface finish to components
Cut-Max 570
Has a high chlorine content that is stable, effective
and provides needed anti-welding and extreme pressure characteristics
Cut-Max 5001AM
A low viscosity neat cutting oil formulated with
extreme pressure and anti-mist additives

Cindol ®
Cindol 869R

A vegetable oil based product developed specifically as a high performance lubricant for aluminium machining and forming


Houghto-Draw ®
Houghto-Draw 1219

A low viscosity stamping lubricant suitable for use with ferrous and non-ferrous materials
Houghto-Draw 3105M
A Viscous extreme pressure compound for heavy duty drawing and forming applications


Houghton products are available in both semi-synthetic and full synthetic, providing clean running, heavy duty performance and the latest technology. Houghton metalworking fluids are capable of providing long sump life with low odour and unique resistance to bacterial and fungal growth, as well as excellent machining performance on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Houghton’s comprehensive range also offers extended tool life for applications ranging from light duty cutting to heavy duty broaching. Our grinding fluids provide for both high speed grinding, as well as specialised applications. Our products address common operational demands, such as high lubricity, extended tool life, light colour, low odour, and reduced misting.

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