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Are you looking for the best machine coolant?

Our coolants create value for modern manufacturers by delivering innovative and sustainable fluid solutions. We aim to:

  • Extend tool life
  • Minimise risks to your people and the environment
  • Low odours
  • Reduce your costs
  • Maximise your finishes

The Best Machine Coolant in Australia


Whether you are a CNC machinist metal cutting, drilling, extruding, casting, drawing, milling or using lathe – we have machine coolant to suit all of your applications and more. By partnering with Quaker Houghton, P&A Engineering Supplies can provide your machine with quality coolant that is tested and proven. Whether you have questions about which types of coolant to use in your application or would like to know more about our CNC Machine Coolant supplies, please explore our extensive range on our website

Do you have problems with your machine coolant?

Speak to our in house tradesmen. Fill out the contact form and we will arrange a strategy session to help you:

✅ Increase tool life

✅ Reduce your costs

✅ Provide a better finish

✅ Optimise your workshop

Milling the metal blank with coolant

Which coolant is right for me?

    Australia's CNC Machine Coolant Specialists

    Our in house trades people have extensive experience working with machine coolant. Whether you are cleaning, metal forming, metal finishing, protecting metal, preventing rust or require a specialist hydraulic lubrication – we have the knowledge, products and stunning track record to help you. Hobbyist machinists and large scale industrial machine shops use our CNC Machine Coolants to increase tool life, efficiency and improve their bottom line. Below is a range of some of our coolant options – which are available to be shipped across Australia. 

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