Metal processing can be fun: with high-grade tools that impress our customers with their quality.

In order to transform an ordinary material like steel into a precision tool, every stage of production requires the highest quality standards: from the careful selection of raw materials and the innovative development of cutting geometries for a range of applications, through to state-of-the-art production methods and continuous quality controls.

With the aim of turning metal into not just a tool, but a precision tool that bears the name of RUKO.

RUKO tools are available from P&A Engineering Supplies online. Our Ruko range is extensive.

Since 1974 RUKO specialises in the production of drilling, countersinking, and cutting tools. The high-quality precision tools from our production facility in Germany provide high-performance tools for the professional user in industry and trade.

RUKO is your reliable partner in the field of metal cutting. Our drive is our fascination.

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