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Showing 1–30 of 293 results

Threading Tap & Die Specialists
P&A Engineering Supplies are specialists when it comes to all things taps & dies. We have access to some of the biggest brands and can ship our taps and dies Australia wide.

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For all your tapping and threading needs, P&A Engineering Supplies offers a wide selection of solutions to get your threading job done as efficiently and as cost effetive as possible. Made from top-quality material and designed to be easy to handle, taps and dies from P&A are always an excellent choice. We are the tap and die supplier to numerous Australian businesses – in the mining, rail, engineering and manufacturing sectors.
Why is it important to buy threading taps and dies from the experts?
At P&A, our tap and dies are made from the finest materials. We have access to world renowned suppliers and deliver nation wide. Additionally, our in house tradesmen can provide custom solutions that cater to your specific threading requirements. Whether you need metric tap and die sets for tapping or a single imperial tap, know that we have a solution for you.
All our taps & dies are great quality and the selected choice for tradesmen in and around the Hunter Valley, however we give you many options to help you decide which material quality is right for your job. Can’t find what you are looking for? Give us a call on 4954 4156 to discuss your custom industrial threading requirements today.
From High Speed Steel to Cobalt, we have threading equipment to suit your needs and budget requirements.
For some of our tap & die range, you can choose between purchasing the single type of thread or in a set of 3. These 3 piece sets include the taper, intermediate & bottoming taps.

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