Korloy Australia

P&A Engineering Supplies are the East Coast Distributors for Korloy

We are Australia’s specialist Korloy dealers. We can source and sell you any Korloy carbide inserts or maching equipment that you need. If you are searching for a Korloy Australia Distributor or reseller, you have come to the right place. 

For Korloy Carbide and inserts, P&A Engineering Supplies should be your first port of call. We stock a massive range of Korloy products in our Edgeworth warehouse. We are also able to source your Korloy products from our network of contacts around the world. 

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Korloy’s new grades are designed with optimal substrates for each application and are PVD coated for high temperature, high hardness and oxidation resistance, or CVD coated for high tempeure and wear resistance.


Korloy turning tools cover a wide application range with a full line-up of ISO tools and FGT tools that produce high quality and hight precision parts for all manufacturers requirements.


Korloy multi-functional tool can machine grooving, part-off, facing and forming in various applications.
It design ensures superior machinability and productivity.


Korloy threading tools are available for machining of various shapes of thread at various pitches with high quality.


Milling tools that provide the best quality for customer’s needs and improve productivity.


Korloy Endmills
New technology and technical know-how, the best qualified for increasing productivity and machinablilty.