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How to sharpen Drill Bits

Drill bits of all shapes and sizes become dull with normal use. Worn flutes and damaged cutting edges can make cutting tasks more difficult and arduous. Additionally, dull drill bits can be a hazard, potentially destroying your job or your machinery.

A drill bit has two cutting areas. They sit at angles of approximately 60 degrees and are located around each side of the centre of the drill bit.

To sharpen this area with extreme precision, you can use jigs and other mechanisms, however these devices may complicate the process. An ordinary bench grinder will suffice for most applications.

It is crucial to maintain the original angle of the relief plane when sharpening the drill bit. The cutting edge must remain as the most forward part of the drill and you sweep away the edge as you sharpen the drill bit. 

Unfortunately, it can be easy to sweep away too much of the opposite cutting area. In doing so, you may wear off the edge of the opposite cutting edge.

Ensure the drill bit remains symmetrical in this process.


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