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6 Reasons Why Staput-68 is a Superior Oil

1. Superior sticking quality to your lathe bed. This will reduce the amount of tramp oil that would normally be deposited in your coolant. 

2. Save on cleaning costs due to the reduction in tramp oil. Thus you increase your coolants lifespan and avoid regularly changing your coolant.

3. Staput-68 enhances lubrication in a variety of applications, where sliding and rolling motion of gear sets would rupture a normal lubricating film.

4. Reduced energy consumption.

5. When tested, Staput-68 exceeded the requirements of the following main categories of test fluid:

  • Copper corrosion resistance (ASTM D130)
  • Corrosion Test (ASTM D665 A)
  • To Tangle with water (ASTM D1401-96)
  • Foam Test (ASTM D892 I, II, III). 

6. Diverse applications. Staput-68 can be used in the following industrial applications (and more):

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Presses
  • Gearboxes
  • Cranes

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