Citra Gel Waterless Hand Cleaning Solution

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  • Citra Gel is a high quality hand cleaner formulated with citrus oils
  • Dissolves grease and oil, designed to be used without water
  • Contains lanolin and skin conditioners which are good for your skin
  • Simply apply to your hands and wipe clean
  • Available in 5L and 20L from P&A Engineering Supplies
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CITRA GEL is an organic orange based gel hand cleaner, with built in emollients and mild abrasives. CITRA GEL easily removes oil, grease, fresh paint, bitumen, fats, resin, printing ink, cement, mortar, cutting oils, glue and paste adhesives. CITRA GEL leaves the hands feeling soft, clean and revitalized with its special skin conditioners, yet the product shows no mercy to skin soilants. CITRA GEL incorporates an antiseptic agent to act as a skin disinfectant to combat skin infection and industrial dermatitis. Hands will be left with a fresh lingering scent of natural orange.

Waterless hand cleaners are designed to take even the toughest materials off your skin. Without the need for water, Citra Gel is the perfect product to remove grease and grime from your hands. It is high in skin conditioners which ensure your hands do not dry out or your skin becomes irritable.

Can be used with or without water.


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