Mates Rates by P&A

What is mates rates?

Refer another local company to P&A Engineering Supplies for you and your mate to get 5% discount on all purchases for one month.* It’s a win for you, for your mate and for us!

What is in it for me?

We will offer you 5% off your credit account for an entire month! 

Where is the small print?

Your ‘mate’ must to spend a minimum of $500 in the first week of their account to apply. Once they have been invoiced, your 5% discount will be applied. Don’t worry – we will notify you! This special applies to account customers only. 

How many mates can I refer?

You can refer up to 12 mates for 12 months at 5% off your invoices with P&A! 

How do we get started?

Click the green ‘Account Application‘ button below and send the link to your mate! When they fill it out, be sure that they put your company name in the field that asks who referred you!

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