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6 measurements of features other than size


  1. Surface Finish: The degree of the surface may be due to the machining method, type of material and the condition of the machine and tooling.
  2. Flatness and Straightness: The fundamental basis for all linear measurements is a reference plane and there is no measuring instrument or manufacturing process which cannot be traced back to its use in one form or another.
  3. Squareness: The measurement or truth to 90 degrees can be measured using enginers try squares, block squares or cyclinder squares.
  4. Roundness: Out of round errors can occur when machines are worn or when they are very new.
  5. Coencentricity: Checking the circular path in relationship to another on the same axis or position. 
  6. Angular Correctness: Ordinary protractoers are graduated in degrees and can be used to detect the correct angle for your machining job.
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